Who We Are



We are a multidisciplinary team with international experience and dealing with criminology, practice of law, psychology and legal medicine. Our purpose is the research, study and analysis of criminology areas.

  • Crime
  • Criminal offender
  • Theories of execution of punishment
  • Social control
  • Crime prevention
  • Resocializing treatment
  • Victimology

We think new technologies play a key role in keeping a permanent contact and we also give 24 hours assistance with the main objective of offering an immediate response in a field that so requires.

Our members have several times intellectually cooperated within their specialization areas with different communications media, both locally and abroad always keeping professional confidentiality.



Our Files



Estudio Criminal has one of the most complete and updated Criminology files containing different cases, articles and analysis shown in a detailed and meticulous way.

As it can be seen in our sections we have more than 700 historical cases and 200 articles. More than 90% of this information is available only in our files due to room and management reasons, therefore, just 10% of what we do is found in Internet but it can be requested contacting us from in contact section and we will be able to help you.



Contact – 24 Hours Assistance


We think personalized attention is an essential resource required by our activity. We offer 24 hours assistance with the purpose of meeting your requirements both rapidly and effectively. Do not hesitate to call us; one of our representatives will be ready to assist you and to offer a highly personalized service to you.

Phone: 0034 91 002 94 85

Email: info@estudiocriminal.eu

Website: www.estudiocriminal.eu

Address: Av. de Manoteras, 30  Edificio A  Bajo 007

City: Madrid 

Zip Code: 28050

Country: Spain